Brand’s Prune and Berry Essence

I first started with Prune Essence because I’m a prune lover and Im too lazy to munch on dried prunes (although it’s really delicious), am facing constipation problems so decided to try. And the prune essence is really rich in taste and I drink 2 bottles every week for more than 5 months now. For the effects, I guess it does help in my constipation and as for complexion, not much difference. I guess it’s recommended to consume more than 2 bottles per week to really see good effects? 
One day, saw a promotion for berries essence so decided to try. It’s supposed to improve your eyesight. But for me I don’t find anything special because berries essence is more diluted than prune essence so it’s like not really worth it. 
Why I like it: Easy to consume, thick and rich in flavour.

 ^ Above 2 pictures are Prune Essence. It has fine bits of prune inside.

^ Above 2 pictures are Berry Essence, it is more diluted and has no tiny bits of berries inside.
Completely liquid only.

Downsides: I have no idea where to discard my used glass bottles. And it’s really a waste because why don’t brand’s package it in a paper container (example: milo), this way the price would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly. But I guess it’s something hard for them to change as they have a standard to set which means we have to continue paying more!

Tip: Consume prune essence at night before bed. And berries essence are to be consumed in the morning.
Write dates on top of the lid so you know when you should consume if you are forgetful like me :D 


Price: The cheaper place to get this is actually in Thailand! (As all are manufactured in Thailand) I bought 12 bottles for RM37 only while in Malaysia it’s RM50!

Try it if you're a prune lover too! =) 

Pump Dispenser

This post is the solution to the previous post of Etude House Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent's problem.

And introducing~~~ Nail Polish Remover Pump Dispenser!

Okay, I know this pump dispenser is famously designed for nail polish remover but it is ideal for toner, or any liquid-like-water beauty products!

Why I like it: Super easy to use, and very hygienic. Usually toner bottles are with caps and there's a small hole for the liquid to flow out right? You might forget to close it sometimes and bacterias could enter. For this it's like double protection when no dirty stuff / dust can enter as liquid will come out only if u press the white part then always close the cap after use.

^ Size comparison
Downsides: It's tragic if you have many of these bottles that are filled with different stuffs, imagine taking the bottle you thought is toner but it's nail polish remover!

Tip: Label the bottles or buy different coloured bottles, make sure you remember which colour is for which then.

Price: RM5 in Daiso, RM19.90 in Etude House.

Grab it now girls!!! and guys!!! =)

Etude House Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent

Bought this to try because it was on promo, and it was love at first sight because it’s so huge and cheap!!  Plus there’s 30 luxurious cotton pads with it!!

I use it to remove my BB cream before washing my face and use it again after washing my face. Gives a thorough cleaning for my face! (Wonder it is considered excessive usage?) Plus I'm curious why they categorize this under the Mini Size U product range, it's definitely not so mini, yes?

Why I like it: Huge. And cheap. Smells good too~ Great for removing excess make-up and tighten your pores before applying your toner. Plus inclusive of 30 luxurious cotton pads! Quality's way better than the normal cotton pads. But I'm currently using the normal ones first and being the stingy me, I cut 1 cotton pad into half to save money.

Downsides: The container is such a pain! Liquid oozing out both from the tip and the neck part -__- Don’t you dare turning the bottle upside down unless you want everything on the ground. No matter how hard I tightly secure the lid part it is still like that -__- My friend complained first about this problem and I was thinking how lucky that I don’t have this problem. But it happens babe, it happens.
But no worries! Next post will be of the solution to this situation ;)

Tip: Use it although you have make up remover! Don’t have to use it twice like me (It’s because I don’t have make up remover *blush*) So you can use make up remover first, after washing your face, use this!

Price: Normal price of RM39.90. I bought it on promo at 30% off! Was tempted to buy more but it’s such a huge bottle so just settled with 1. 

Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam

I bought this Cleanser because it was so cheap! My favourite is Aloe Tea particularly because of the smell. Besides Aloe Tea, there's Milk Tea and Peach Tea.
^ My 2nd brand new bottle

Why I like it: Good and cheap. Lasts really long as you only need a bit to produce a thick foam. And it leaves your face super clean and yummy smelling!

Downsides: As this cleansing cream is really thick, I had a hard time squeezing out the cream if you're left with less than 50% in the tube, similar to the struggle of squeezing finishing toothpaste but this is ten times harder.

 ^ Currently using my 1st bottle. (Yes it's pretty disgusting)

Price: Less than RM10 during sale period. However I'm not sure if they are still selling this :( My newest bottle was a free gift from spending RM80 in Etude House.

Try it if you can! :)


Hello All :)

I'm very excited to start my journey in Haute Diary, this blog will be a platform for me to share any tiny tips or info with you girls! Hehe. Hope you girls will enjoy and find my tips useful, in the mean time, I would love to hear your comments so do leave your comments may it be good or bad and I'll try my very best to improve :)

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